Dragana Atanasov

Country Director Serbia, Deputy Head of Switzerland

Work: Dragana has been working for the group since 2014 starting as a trainee consultant in Switzerland. Through hard work and success Dragana worked her way up and became the Deputy Head of Switzerland. In 2019 she set up and is currently managing Nicoll Curtin, Centre of Excellence in Belgrade, Serbia. She now spreads her time between the Belgrade and Zurich offices.

Life: Dragana is a passionate kickboxer and runner that loves animals, traveling, and spending time with friends. Dragana has also been featured in BizLife Magazine, 30 under 30 in Serbia.

Nikola Cosovic

Delivery Manager for Switzerland, and UK market

Work: Nick was one of our first team members in Serbia and is responsible for managing our team of recruiters in Serbia. He loves his team as they are passionate professionals who always strive for great accomplishments. Nick is always taking the opportunity to learn new skills and improve himself personally and professionally.

Life: Outside work, Nick loves into scuba diving and music. These two hobbies mean that he always has high energy and motivation.

Vanja Medic Primozic

Global Talent Acquisition and Development Specialist

Work: Vanja is responsible for our internal recruitment across the group and has had great success for our brands in the UK, Singapore, and Switzerland. Vanja is also passionate about our inhouse learning platform and works hard to ensure our team have the best skills for their development and training.

Life: Vanja is a dedicated psychotherapist who is never tired of witnessing human inner stories and helping them to find their own peace. Pilates helps her a lot to keep her body in a good shape and analysis of proverbs keeps her mind refreshed.

Andjela Ivkovic

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Work: Andjela was also one of our first team members and assists to build a team of ambitious and motivated people in Belgrade. Andjela loves to connect the right people with the right positions and she is passionate about creating a healthy working environment in which people will be happy to come to work every day. Andjela loves coming to work as she thinks it is a great place to work for someone who is looking to find a stimulating working environment, is a team player and expects to learn and grow alongside the team

Life: She enjoys spending time with her friends and family as well as traveling to some interesting places especially during the summer. During weekends, she is always with her dogs, enjoying long walks in nature.