About Us

Nicoll Curtin Group is a well-established International Recruitment Agency, specialized in recruiting Technology and Cyber Security in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Nicoll Curtin Serbia was founded in November 2019 as a Centre of Excellence, providing support to our global offices in Recruitment, Finance and Administration.

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Never Give Up

This value signifies ambition, drive, determination, and resilience. Recruitment is not always easy, and you will often face rejections. In order to succeed you need to keep going and constantly reframe the possibilities. We want a team who can support each other in remaining focused, positive, and determined.

Think Like Your Customer

Our clients and candidates are important to us and we want to ensure we are always delivering an excellent customer experience. In recruitment it is about working towards a win for the customer but to do this we need to think and act with our customer’s voice. We also treat our internal colleagues with the same care and respect as together we are all working towards the same goal.

No Excuses


This one for us is simple. We want results for ourselves and our customers, not excuses. We should be 100% reliable and proactive in our work.

Think Smart For You And The Business


We want individuals who are able to make good decisions that further their goals but also support the business’s overall goal. These goals should be aligned because when you are successful so is the company.

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